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Data protection

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GDPR data protection & DATA security

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"Lee is a very professional and thorough individual who was exceptional throughout our compliance project. He continues to bring a keen and timely awareness of what we’re doing and how we need to stay up to date in our data protection procedures."

M. Evans
MD at Thames Cryogenics

"Lee is a knowledgeable and experienced professional with a very practical understanding of regulations. He is familiar with all the models for GDPR and data security and can interpret which one is appropriate for your organisation."

M. Blackburn
IT Director

"Lee supported my team focusing on information security standards. His broad technical and process knowledge, as well as being very approachable, allowed us to improve our standards, work with areas of non-compliance and to prioritise security risk mitigation."

P. Atmore
Data Privacy and Information Security Risk Manager
GDPR data protection & DATA security

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